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Website Design Solution Approach

At Compu-Wise, we use a proven methodology to ensure that every web site is superior in visual design, functional design, performance and maintainability.

  • Our Website Design phase includes analysis of competitor websites, professional grade artwork design, keyword analysis for search engine optimization, and initial layout of the site.

  • Our Website Configuration and Implementation phase includes optional setup of the Compu-Wise eCommerce shopping cart, listings database and/or other pre-built functional components, as well as any custom programming or integration functions that are specified for the site.

  • We provide a "Preview Site" that allows our customers to directly view the progress of their site during the development phase, using any internet browser.

  • The Content collection phase allows the customer to create and update their own content using emails to provide the content they desire to be placed on their site.

  • Once the content is collected, upon customer approval, we will deploy the web site to our ultra-reliable dedicated hosting servers.

Take the Website Design Effectiveness Test

To determine the effectiveness of your web site design, try the following simple test. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer, and use Google, MSN or Yahoo to search the internet for products or services that you (or your competitors) provide. Try a search using a keyword phrase that you would use to look for these services, and then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is our website listed on the first page, or better yet, in the top 5 search results? If not, your customers are not getting to your web site. The vast majority of customers never get to the second page of the search output, and will typically only click on the top 5 results. Our website designs use proven search engine optimization design techniques to provide a foundation for getting customers to your web site.

  2. When your customers land on your website, what will their impression be? Is your web site visually appealing and professional-looking? Does it provide the information that the customer is looking for? Take a look at two or three competitor sites from your Google search output. If you were a customer, would you pick these companies or your company to do business with? One chance is all you are likely to get to capture your customerís attention.

  3. Is your website an effective, trustworthy and reliable tool for your customers to find, review and buy your products or services? To effectively convert customers into sales, your web site must support a clear, rich information experience to your customers, and provide a simple, secure and effective navigation flow for your customer to "buy" or inquire about your products.

If you are interested in achieving these results for your web site, we can help. Compu-Wise will provide full life-cycle, turnkey website design, development and maintenance services and support for your commercial web site.

Companies of all sizes... Our web design services headquarters has been located in Corpus Christi, in the heart of beautiful South Texas on the Gulf Coast Coastal Bend. From our Texas office we work with companies across the nation: large & small and everywhere in between - we've got you covered. Take a quick peek at our Web Design Customers or go to our extensive catalog of Designs you can choose from.

Website Design Strategy and Development


Our complete range of website designs, eCommerce and hosting services supports every phase of web design strategy, development, hosting and maintenance for your web site:

  • Superior website design that reflects your business objectives and presents a professional image to your customers, including custom artwork and page layout

  • Web site navigation designed for usability and sales conversion

  • Web site design for search engine optimization (SEO), placement and rankings

  • Implementation of a range of eCommerce merchant solutions, including shopping carts, credit card and shipping gateways, marketing tools and custom applications

  • Ultra-reliable web hosting services

  • Ongoing personalized support services to help you maintain your web site

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At Compu-Wise, we design every web site to deliver results. We make use of eye-popping professional artwork, clear and effective website layout and navigation, and strong technology and eCommerce underpinning in our website designs for performance and functionality. Just look at our website design library  for a sample of the results you can achieve for your web site.

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