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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

The Investment

The Compu-Wise SEO package is $250 per month for local or regional companies. (considered advertising)

Even If You Performed The Service Yourself,
It Would Cost You Thousands Of Dollars More
Than Letting Us Do It For You. Here's Why...

You'd have to invest months just learning about each of the top engines — how they operate and how they rank pages. You'd spend weeks learning what we know about optimum keyword selection.

Then you'd have to develop all the perfectly-balanced, up to date META tags for your pages... submit them to all the engines... continuously monitor your rankings... and struggle to reclaim your rankings when they start to fall.

Next, you would have to make the associations to purchase and manage thousands of link partners and link libraries. Keeping these managed and active would take many, many hours of your valuable time.

Also, you need to design and build a second website that is a perfect "mirror" of your current website, and this "minisite" needs to have new content added to it weekly and then all the search engines notified of these important changes.

Following this you need to study up and master RSS, that is online news syndication. Because this is the method used to communicate with the all important top search engines!

And do not forget detailed monitoring and reporting. Compu-Wise provides state-of-the-art position monitoring and reporting. If done by you, this step alone would take many hours each month to accomplish.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and space does not allow us to fully list and explain all the steps we take on your behalf.

By the time you put in all this energy, you wouldn't have any time left for your family. Not to mention running your business.

The Last Thing You Need Is Another Major Responsibility
Demanding More Of Your Valuable Time!

You're welcome to perform the service yourself. But isn't your time worth more than $5 a day?

For a fraction of the cost of hiring an assistant, you can put our fully-trained and experienced staff to work on your search engine marketing — and get guaranteed exposure in the most popular search engines!

The best part about our "Top-20 Ranking Service" is that for a small, tax-deductible investment, your personal and business life are uninterrupted, while we do all the grunt work to get you Page One results!

This way you can relax, knowing your search engine marketing is in the hands of experts running on auto-pilot. This alone is worth many times the cost.

SEO 17 Point Plan

Why pay $1500 a month? (The going national rate)
Compare Our Complete SEO Program...


1. Research the keyword phrases for your campaign (client input & software)

2. Establish 2,000+ relevant, One Way links from other websites

3. Create a dynamic sitemap page where your SEO pages are launched

4. Build several weblogs that are clones of your website, setup RSS feeds

5. Notify 30 search engines about item 4

6. Develop an update procedure to update items 3,4,5 when new material is added

7. Place your website link on 1+ million links pages of affiliated websites

8. Create a "Hosted Marketing Page" of your home page on 100+ high ranking webs

9. SEO Copywriting. Build 280+ new "keyword" pages matching your website design.

10. Setup a "deep link" program of external links pointing to your internal pages

11. Develop a custom daily update routine for our SEO staff for your website

12. Send you detailed monthly reports to monitor your website progress

Bonus Point: We have created several dynamic modules that produce thousands of keyword-rich pages to your website. We will install these periodically as your page one ranking grows.

+ Five New Points: We have added these new services:

13) Obtain add'l 1000 incoming links to your website from 1000 popular directories.
14) Submit your Press Release, up to 12 times per year, to 1000+ newswire websites.
(you submit simple one page press releases to us)
15) Submit topic related articles about your business, to 500 article publishing websites.
(you submit industry related articles to us)
16) Create an additional 2 to 3 offsite weblogs of your website, and notify SEs
17) Social Book mark your website to build link popularity.

... Here's Proof That We Offer
The Best Bargain In The Industry

Our competitors charge anywhere from $999 to $15,000 per month for their service. (The average cost now is $2,000-2,500 per month, East Coast or West Coast.)

Another Madison Avenue firm charges an outrageous $40,000 to $350,000 per month. While they do serve Fortune 500 companies, I can't imagine where the value comes in at these rates.

We have found several firms that charge anywhere from $1,500 to tens of thousands of dollars just for the set-up fees! No, our service remains $250 a month and is unparalleled in coverage and depth.

Our Challenge...

We challenge you to show us any and all steps taken by SEO firms charging up to 7 times what we do, that we are not providing with our service. Please take this seriously because we do! We are eager to be made aware of any effective steps that we should be providing, but are not. You may call 800-691-0702 at any time.

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Ever wonder how some websites are shown on Page One of the search engine results? The websites that do appear on Page One get thousands of visitors while those on deeper pages get the leftovers.

Are you looking for an easy and fast way to boost your web site's search engine rankings and traffic? When someone searches Google for a keyword related to your site's products or services, does your web site appear in the top 10 results, or does your competition?

Attaining high rankings at the top search engines like Google, Yahoo!, AOL and MSN can give your business a big boost in traffic and sales. But, how can you achieve these top search engine rankings?

Higher Rankings translates into Higher Traffic!


Search Engine Optimization companies (SEOs) can get search engine rankings to jump to Page One of Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL with only minor changes to a website's layout or text. They also can get their client website's in the major indexes in just a few days.

Facts About SEO


1) 56.6% of Internet users abandon their searches after the first two pages.
We use proven search engine placement techniques to rank more sites in more top positions than anyone else in the search engine optimization industry in our price category.

2) Over 85% of prospective customers use the Internet to find what they are looking for, Georgia Institute of Technology.  If you do nothing else, search engine optimization, search engine placement and keyword related advertising can make up 80 - 90 percent of your website traffic.

3) A good ranking on a major Web search engine can make the difference between commercial success and failure.
Penn State School of Information Sciences & Technology.


We can help make your website appear

in the search results on Page One

of Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN

How much does it cost?


     The cost question is the most variable we seen. The national average is $995 a month. But we believe this figure is too high and abusive. The SEO team at Compu-Wise will provide the same services and Page One Results for only $250 a month, with a one-time setup fee.*


How can this be done?


The SEO staff at Compu-Wise use a combination of the following:

1. Keyword Density Building

2. Paid linking back to your website, (minimum of 2200 links back to your website)

3. Building an offsite "minisite" containing the information about all your website pages

4. Setting up an RSS feed from the "minisite" to all the major search engines

5. Adding new and related content to your website and "minisite" weekly, while notifying the search engines each time content is added or changed


     This all may sound technical to you, however we have the knowledge and experience to make your website appear in the search results on Page One.

     The Answer... employ Compu-Wise to perform SEO work on Your Website to Easily Boost Your Link Popularity and Search Engine Rankings!


How Important are the Top Search Engines?

We have a chart below that represents the searches done in the United States in 2004. It shows our main focus should be on just 4 search engines; Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL.

The top 4 are 91% of the Internet's searches!


The Plan

Here is what is included in our SEO Package:

1) In the first month - establish a "Industry Links" page as the foundation of 4000+ Incoming links, to your website.

2) Determine your current Ranking with Google, Yahoo and other top search engines.

3) Change the text on your "Home" page to increase your Key Word Density.

4) Add 400 new links back to your website per month.

5) Setup website statistics to monitor and graph increases in traffic.

The Results

Here are the results you can expect:

1) An increase in your link popularity, which helps move you towards page one in the search engines.

2) A significant increase in website traffic will be seen in months 3 onward.

3) By month 4 all of the top Search Engines, Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. will be regularly "spidering" your website for new content to list in their search engine database.

4) By month 5 you should have more than 4,000 websites linking back to your website.

5) By month 5 you should have doubled or tripled your original daily website visitors.

6) By month 6 you should have a strong body of evidence to help you decide for continuance.


Target Market Magazine published these facts about "How Clients Find You"


Search Engines




Random Surfing


Magazine ads


Banner ads


Targeted email


TV spots


"By accident"



 Sign Up for SEO 

Please call for a phone consultation at 361-537-8845 or 800-691-0702, Phyllis Ingram. 



* Fees quoted are for companies who host with Compu-Wise, slightly higher for others. The one-time setup fee is currently $225 , no minimum months to sign up for, however when you stop the SEO Work your site will decline in the ratings rather rapidly.  All orders are subject to acceptance by Compu-Wise. No adult-content or casino websites.

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