The courses as outlined are designed by modules, 
two modules equal a level. 
Each level is taught in a 4 hour training course for $175.00
plus the cost of the Training Manual $22.50 (optional)


  • Level 1

Module 1 - Basic Word Skills -This course provides an introduction to Word for Windows. The student will explore Word 97, use the Office Assistant, learn basic document skills, check spelling and grammar, and work with document views. The student will also learn how to print and preview documents, envelopes, and labels.

Module 2 - Applying Formatting -This course covers formatting documents. It includes tasks on character, paragraph, and document formatting; setting tabs; indenting paragraphs; and using numbers and bullets. The student will also learn how to work with headers and footers, create section breaks, and use online Help.

  • Level 2

Module 3 - Everyday Tasks Made Easier - This course covers many of the features that can make everyday tasks quicker and easier. The student will learn how to insert dates and special characters, use AutoFormat, create and edit tables, apply borders and shading, and work with graphics. The student will also learn how to draw objects and lines and work with columns.

Module 4 - Word Helpers - This course covers several topics that help the student perform tasks more efficiently. Included are tasks on using AutoCorrect, AutoText, custom dictionaries, find and replace, the Thesaurus, and wizards. The student will also learn how to manage files, work with hyphenation, customize Word preferences, use HTML features, and work in Outline view.

  • Level 3

Module 5 - Customizing/Automating Word 97 - This course covers customization and automation in Word 97. Tasks include customizing toolbars and using macros and forms. Students will also learn how to work with global templates and Organizer.

Module 6 - Working with Tables and Lists - This course covers using tables and lists in Word 97. Tasks include modifying tables, using table tools, sorting table data, and using formulas in tables. Students will also learn how to import Excel worksheets and work with lists.

  • Level 4

Module 7 - Mail Merge - This course covers the Mail Merge process. Tasks include using Mail Merge; modifying the data source and main documents; and creating mailing labels, envelopes, and catalogs. Students will also learn how to select and sort records and use an external data source.

Module 8 - Using Graphic Tools - This course covers using graphic tools to enhance documents. Tasks include inserting graphic files, editing pictures, and drawing and manipulating objects. Students will also learn how to use WordArt, other effects, Microsoft Graph, and the Equation Editor.

  • Level 5

Module 9 - Working with Long Documents - This course covers working with long documents. Tasks include formatting long documents, creating a table of contents and an index, and using bookmarks and notes. Students will also learn how to track revisions, use comments, create a table of authorities, enhance text, and create master documents.



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