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The courses as outlined are designed by modules, 
two modules equal a level. 
Each level is taught in a 4 hour training course for $175.00
plus the cost of the Training Manual $22.50 (optional)


  • Level 1

Module 1 - Introduction - This course covers setting up publisher 98, navigating, starting a new publication.  Student will learn how to use frames, columns, planning for multiple pages: Headers, footers, and backgrounds.  Text and type are also covered in how to dress up your words, shaping text in its frame and how to use the text tools:   spell-checking, personal information sets and more.

Module 2 - Working with Publisher - This course covers pictures, backgrounds, and color.  How to create word art, and drawings, snazzing up frames with effects and fine tuning.  How to set up for a printing service, working with proofs, creating and printing Mass Mailings.  Understanding online publishing, creating a web page in publisher, adding links, motion and other web goodies.  Putting your page on the Web.

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