The courses as outlined are designed by modules, 
two modules equal a level. 
Each level is taught in a 4 hour training course for $175.00
plus the cost of the Training Manual $22.50 (optional)

  • Level 1

Module 1 - Microsoft Outlook Basics I- This course provides an introduction to Microsoft Outlook. Tasks include working with Outlook basics and using Outlook messaging. Students will also learn how to manage messages, use the Address Book, and schedule with the Calendar.

Module 2 - Microsoft Outlook Basics II - This course covers basic Outlook components. Tasks include managing contacts, working with tasks, and organizing Outlook items. Students will also learn how to use Journal, Notes, and other shortcut components.


  • Level 2

Module 3 - Tracking the Project - This course covers working with the critical path, baselines, earned value, and reports. Students will learn how to customize project information and track the progress of a project.


Module 4 - Sharing and Finalizing Project Information - This course covers how to finalize a project. Students will learn how to work with multiple projects and resource pools. Tasks also include reviewing workgroup and web basics and how to import and export data.

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