Release 9

The courses as outlined are designed by modules, 
two modules equal a level. 
Each level is taught in a 4 hour training course for $175.00
plus the cost of the Training Manual $22.50 (optional)

  • Level 1

Module 1 - Learning Word Pro Basics - This course covers getting started with Word Pro. The student will learn how to create and edit documents, format text and paragraphs, and format pages. Tasks include using spell check and Smart Correct and printing documents.

Module 2 - Enhancing Documents - This course covers how to work with tabs, bullets, and numbers. The student will learn how to use headers and footers. Tasks include working with Smart Masters, styles, tables, and columns. The student will also learn how to change views.

  • Level 2

Module 3 - Improving Documents - This course covers ways to improve documents in Word Pro. Students will learn how to use Grammar Check, the Thesaurus, Find and Replace, and Format Check; work with multiple documents, divisions and sections, long documents, and frames; and change setup options.

Module 4 - Advanced Features - This course covers how to use advanced features in Word Pro. Students will learn how to use Merge and markup editing; work with envelopes, labels, bookmarks, notes, and versions; create a table of contents and indexes; and edit documents.


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