Optimizing Your Images "alt" Attribute

Did you know that any images on your page can help your listings too? Each image on your page can include a keyword phrase or two that relates to the image. This text will also show up & help those that may have their images turned off when visiting your site. This does not work for all engines, but it certainly does not hurt so we recommend you give it a try where you can.

What it looks like:

<IMG SRC="SubmitItLogo.gif" width="10" height="10" alt="Submit It! Web Site Submission Service">

Where it belongs:

You can add the "alt" attribute to any image on your page.

Tag limits:

We do not recommend using more than a brief sentence or two to describe an image.

Tag tips:

  •        Be sure to use the keyword phrases that you also used in the copy of your page, title tag, meta description, and other tags.

  •        Do not try to cram a bunch of keywords into the "alt" attribute. We recommend using no more than 2-3 per image.

  •        Describe the image - do not just list keywords.

  •        The "alt" attribute is also a good place for misspellings and plural keyword phrases that you may not have used elsewhere.

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