Publishing using FrontPage, Expression Web or Dreamweaver

If you are using FrontPage or Expression Web or Dreamweaver to publish to the server please find your correct application below with specific instructions on how to set up and use ftp through these three programs.

You may also use a stand alone ftp program, there are many out there, we recommend WS_FTP Pro and have included the set up below for that procedure if you choose to use that.

Feel Free to Call us with any questions you might have regarding your upload of your website files using any of the following programs. Click on the links to take you that area and each picture is fairly self explanatory for the process of sending your files to our server using ftp protocol.

In the event you need to call us:

Phyllis Ingram
Jackie Smith

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FTP with FrontPage


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FTP with Dreamweaver

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To publish from the main view

To expand the view to show both local and remote files

To publish from the expanded view

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FTP with WS_FTP Pro

First select the file you want to upload

Then Click the green arrow in the center to send it to the Remote Files

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